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Hi Saligo,

Yes I've used it - recently bought from T K Maxx at originally exorbitant but (eventually) knock down price.  Used it the first time in the expectations of wonderful linen, perfume smelling sophisticated me thingies ... made the room smell nice for a while but ... well the linen smelled exactly the same and quite frankly the whole thing was a bit of a disappointment.  Maybe suggest it's better just putting a few drops of lavender oil in your iron instead (or whatever else takes your fancy) (gin!!!!!)!?

Is this part of your house-warming/nesting thingie - if so, more power to your elbow and all that - quite understandable - happy new house and everything!!!!!





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Well, yes, I use it, have for years. I don't like the small of 'ironing' and it does make the room smell nice. I've used quite a few different brands, I just open the bottle and sniff it, if its nice and not a stupid price, I buy it.

I agree, it doesn't make the clothes smell any different, really, except if you iron and put it on straight away... which, come to think of it, is how I do all my ironing nowadays...

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Judie uses it, and it does smell good, which as multitudes of cats eat, sleep and do loads of the other things cats do in the laundry room (I know, I spent a lot of yesterday cleaning it) is probably welcome.

We've tried loads of places to find it, some were very expensive, like the Lavender Museum in the Ardèche or L'Occitaine's version. However, the one she uses everday has just the same effect and costs virtually nothing from a chain of otherwise-disgusting tat shops called something like Foire Fouille.

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