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Muslims in France - research paper. Need your help! :)

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Hey guys,

first of all, I would like to mention that I'm German, so please excuse my mistakes.

Actually this thread is for "real" Frenchmen only. I don't knkow if there are a lot of them here but I don't know any other French discussion forums.

I just registered here because of the fact that I'm working on a research paper about the French society / Muslims. I specialized in the problems existing as a result of all the immigration having taken / taking place in France, espcecially Muslims.

Consequently, I would like to know from some of you guys here what you think about that "problem" in terms of the rate of unemployment, social grievanes caused by immigrants (and the reaction of native Frenchmen)... or just what you think about it in general.

Please don't write anything if you are not familiar with what's going on in France. I mean stuff like the prohibation of the "foulard" (is that "bandana" in English? ) at public schools and other things.

Here are some more questions as a kind of introduction:

How do you like your immigrated fellow citiziens?

Why do you (not) like them? What about your friends' attitude toward them?

Have you ever experienced problems with them / because of them?

What is the public image of them like?

Do they cause problems in public? "public" is supposed to mean things like politics, economy, and so on...

Is there racism going on in France?


I would be really, really thankful if you took some time to answer me more or less in detail. This would help me a lot.

In case I'm wrong here, does anybody of you know a disscusion forum where there a French people only? Would not matter if the language spoken there was French.

Thanks in advance

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I think you will find that a Bandana is an American word for a large handkerchief / small, cotton type scarf. It is not the same as a "foulard" worn by muslims.

AFIK the foulard would be called a veil in English.


sorry, I am neither a guy nor a real Frenchman so I won't answer your questions

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Both le monde diplomatique (Paris) and the Guardian (UK) have been running very useful, accessible critiques. However, if you are a serious scholar then perhaps you should work through the various social science research institutes, gender equality units. Also, given what's happening in the Netherlands, the Dutch are also giving serious space to research along these lines. Superficial questions to a group of ex-pats, most of whom are probably in UK, are not terribly useful I would think.
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Thinking about this,I realise that I do not know one single Muslim in France,they are a bit thin on the ground here in Brittany except maybe in the large cities like Brest or Rennes where they tend to stick to their own communities.
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