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St Georges day


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It's likely to be something local - I've never heard of anywhere around here celebrating St George's Day. Is there perhaps a local historical figure with that name? Ask the locals, or the Maire, they should know. Unless the fête was instigated by other English people!
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St George is celebrated by the Catholic faith on the 23rd April. He is also a Saint for Russia, Malta, as well as England.

The shrine built for his relics is at Lydda, Palestine and was a popular point of pilgrimage for centuries. One of the Fourteen Holy Helpers. Died tortured and beheaded c.304 at Lydda, Palestine.

By the way he fought the dragon in Silena, Libya not as some think, in Hyde Park

Have a butchers at this small piece about him at :


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Maybe your local church is dedicated to St Georges? Communes tend to celebrate their particular saints. I see you're in 50 as well. Here, St-Georges-de-Rouelley, for example, celebrates April 23. There is in fact a plaque on a wall in the commune showing St George and the dragon.
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Yesterday one of my neighbours, who is on the local social committee, called to say that they are planning a fete for St Patrick's Day next year. The intention is to include the English ! There will be plenty to drink and games of darts. Perhaps your St George's Day celebration is the same sort of thing.


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