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Classic French films now available from UK

Tony F Dordogne

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Hi folks

Have recently returned from the UK with an armful of DVDs of classic French films, including the second three boxed sets of Bunuel and Goddard now available in the UK.

Lots of Goddard, Luis Bunuel (I know he's not French but he made his films here) and, top film, Un Flic by Jean Pierre Melville.

If anybody likes modern policiers, try La Balance (The Informer), well worth a look.

Must make some shelves to get the DVDs and CDs out of their storage boxes - so little time, so many films to watch!


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Full list of French films ever released on DVD in the UK on Lovefilm.com (about 250 in total I think).  Unfortunately, very few ot the French DVD films bought in France have English as a subtitle options, very often it's just French subtitles for 'les sourds et malentendants'. La Balance indeed was great and a box-office success when it came out in 1982, Nathalie Baye was great in it and the legendary late Philippe Léotard, is repeated every year or so on one of the terrestrial French channels, I think Channel 4 showed it last year as well.
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