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Saw part of it (Les Ripoux) and learnt that the word ripou (corrupt policeman) is « du Verlan » (backslang used among young people, inverting the syllables of words). « Ripou » is « pourri ». I didn’t know this. I knew of verlan, but didn’t know ripou came from that.

I just had a look at verlan in my dictionary and even the word verlan is « l’envers » pronounced back to front.

Other examples are «meuf » : femme, « laisse béton! » : laisse tomber! (forget it!), «Beur » : Arabe.

There is always something to learn!

I am also a fan of Antoine de Caunes and José Garcia.

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I remember seeing it at the cinema when it first came out. I'm not sure I understood it completely at the time (I've seen it a few times since)  It's probably in my top 10 French films (probably in the first 10 I ever saw too) Ripoux 2 was watchable but nothing more, I can't remember if I've seen number 3, if i have then  but it's so forgettable that I can't remember any thing about it.

We're staying with family at the moment so we'll be watching Dolmen tonight

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I didn't fancy Dolmen one bit so haven't been watching it.  Up in the frozen North are you?  Never mind, have a bol of cider and a galette!

The last saga I watched was the one with Charlotte de Turkenheim (sp) in.  Was it last year or the year before?

Time flies when you are having fun.

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On the subject of Verlan, the following article by Jon Henley is top drawer:


On the subject of French comedies, I saw 'Le goût des autres' the other day on FilmFour, loved it,  thoroughly recommended. Saw an even better one a few weeks ago: 'Tais-toi' with Depardieu and Jean Réno, such a hilarious film ! absolument poilant, and I'd imagine fairly easy for non native-speakers to follow or get the gist of.

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I didn't enjoy Tais toi as much as some of the other Vebers although Depardieu/Reno was a tandem worth watching.

 I avoided Dolmen in the end and watched L'aventure c'est l'aventure (ventura, brel...)

I haven't had a single galette since I got here. (loads of cidre though, most of it homemade:whistling

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If you visit the "Times on Line" website there is a page for French films all summer long where they are discussed etc... and where you can get (I think) the DVDs.

It's called "French Café"

Today they have :

8 femmes

Le diner de cons

La Haine

and 3 other films I can't remember...

Happy watching!
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