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I heard a very interesting French man at a seminar yesterday. He posed, among others, the following question:

"You are riding in a car driven by a close friend when he hits a pedestrian. You are the only person who knows your friend was driving significantly above the speed limit. What right does your friend have to think that you will defend him if asked how fast he was going?" Your options are:

a) no right to think it; b) some right to think it; c) every right to think it.

Research apparently shows the following nationality preferences for a):

  • 96% Americans, Canadians and Swiss

  • 92% Dutch, Australians and germans

  • 70% British and Hungerians

  • 48% French, Japanese, Polish and Greek

  • 40% Indians

  • 34% Venezuelans

  • 28% Koreans

The seminar underlined that there is a great deal of 'culture' hidden beneath the surface, shaping our lives and relationships all the time.

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Most interesting - I think we can learn a lot from this...where to be a pedestrian, for example. [:)]

You are right though - I would have intuitively expected the Swiss to

be fine, upstanding & law abiding about this sort of thing, given

their supposed love of regulation in matters of life. My brother-in-law

got into all kinds of trouble for having his washing machine finish

it's cylce at 10.15pm rather 10pm, which I was told was a fairly

typical happening in such circumstance.

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