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I suppose he means giving a laugh (making someone laugh) doesn't mean that that person will make you laugh back!

Raymond was funny but you had to think about it first before you got to the funny bit - YOU'D have liked him!

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>>>Une fois rien, c'est rien; deux fois rien, ce n'est pas beaucoup, mais pour trois fois rien, on peut déjà s'acheter quelque chose, et pour pas cher<<<

One of my father's favourite quotes whenever we were on holiday and had little 'expensive' treats to make the holiday more memorable to us the kids...

One more little bit of my childhood gone... watching my father glued to Raymond Devos every word and chuckling to himself all day long....

I've not spoken to my old man for over a week but that will be the first thing he'll talk about when we are next on the phone...

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