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Sarkozys` book: Témoignage


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This is not the front cover by the way, just one of my favourite photos of the guys having a laugh.

So Nicolas Sarkozy has released his second book, 280 pages of political and private thoughts, and social comment on what he thinks the french people want, and certainly, if he gets any further up the ladder, what they can expect he`s going to do for them........ and us of course.


"Dans un monde qui bouge à toute vitesse, l'immobilisme est la posture

la plus risquée pour notre pays comme pour chaque Français."

In a fast moving world, opposition to change is the most risky position for our country, as it is for every french person. 

He wants to start to change France and is known to be influenced by Anglo-Saxon political thinking. I know in this situation we have no vote, but I`m interested to know what people on here think about him and the possible direction he may wish to take France.

Any thoughts?


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Any thoughts?

I think about little else (apart from compost).

He's the most fascinating, charismatic political pragmatist I think I've ever seen, perhaps excepting M. Thatcher.

He suits his message to each audience, and has no hesitation or shame in doing so. Each audience is delighted, because he says exactly what they seem to want to hear. 

Some of the things he says make sense, but there is much that conflicts, when you start to root around.

See, everything I say about him is vague and qualified...I think that's because he's a shifty blighter.[:)]

I understand every word he says though.[:D]



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I think that he will make an excellent president if the alternative is Le Pen.

Actually, I rather like him; he manages, as Mme. T suggests to be

everything at once. He is not the only presidential possible to cite

influence from Anglo Saxon economics - so has Ms Royal. This suggests

that it may just be something that they are saying because it presses

some focus group buttons (or it may be that they are influenced by it

in such a way that they will not touch it with a barge pole).

No, he will do. He has good hair.

Brits in France can become part of the great democratic process by

applying to become French nationals. I am told that this is a fairly

painless process, mostly involving having been paying taxes for five

years. I feel a bit of a fraud voting in the UK these days (I don't

live there, I have no plans to live there and I don't pay tax there -

why AM I allowed to vote? Mad.), and I any case my children (who are a

little too young to understand the implications of nationality beyond

football) regard themselves as being French, so I think it might be

wise to humour them.


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[quote user="Tresco"]

I'll say it again though, Sego has better cheek bones, (than both of them) but less charisma.


And she is saddled with M. Hollande, who, despite his fairly ordinary

intellect, is already positioning himself as the "real" president.

Well, I think so anyway.

She has great cheek bones, fair-to-middling hair, great brains and

determination, but she is a member of a party with more than its fair

share of idiots. I think it will be that that eventually sees her off.

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It`s his passion for change that has me a bit worried. We all know what happened earlier on this year when a fairly small change was attempted to introduce a new working contract, what`s going to happen if he attempts to do something more significant?

It`s a very old "coutume" over here....... minister or government come up with radical idea and try to impliment it....... people, or at least enough of them, don`t like the idea, go on strike, march about a lot shouting slogans...... government gives in.

If he does become the boss, I fear a Mrs Thatcher type of presidency and revolution, (or is he even craftier than her?! )

Just realised Nicolas has yet another book coming out next year! blimey he`s really going for it.....


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According to FranceInter info slot this morning, the book is this summer's best-seller with already 40000 copies being sold this week alone!... 

Somehow I fail to see the attraction of reading any books on political ideas, strategies etc... during my hols... Reading all these fast and furious political rivers of words (being polite at describing politician's verbal diarrhoea) would make me feel that I have not yet been on hols...

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