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I was having a glass of wine with some friends last night and a new comer to France wasnt sure if they liked it better than the U.K. or not,

I was asked ,"What I thought was better here in France than the U.K.

I dont have to pay hospital parking fees,

road tax

wine, some foods are cheaper

house rates cheaper

house insurance cheaper

elec,s cheaper and due to the summer being longer we dont use as much,

heating our home cheaper "due to long summers we dont burn as much fuel.

the house we have in france we couldnt afford in the U.K.

the people in the stores/shops etc have much better manners,

the weather we do get a summer,

inspite of paying medical top up fee I do know if Im in need of medical attention Its given then, without having to wait for anything from months to years,

knowing Id paid N.I. all my working life and then told unless you go private you,ll have to wait 18 month for a hip operation done by the same surgeon.[Www]

We feel safe in our beds at night.

and in this area we,re not choked up with litter every place you look "inspite of a market every friday.

and people do have time for each other

the layed back style

and last but not least a better life stress free/ that get up in the mornings thinking its a new day.


anyone got anymore to add to the list?????

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Am I seeing double, Pun?

The one biggie you missed off is the relative price of property in most of France compared to most of the UK.

Correction - yes you did say - but it would be top of my list.  Maybe my eyes are going! [:)]


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Certainly agree with all of Pun the gardener's points.We used to live in one of the Choice resorts on the South Coast. Now an absolute tip,big problems with Drugs/prostitution/muggings.vandalism etc etc In one weekend 47 beach huts were set on fire, that was after the brains at the council announced that the promenade CTV cameras were not working.Can't afford to maintain them?.. Less service from the council eash year and an average council tax of just under £2000. Although the money/property price is also an issue,the difference in each day here is worth saying" No going back".


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Hello Gastines,

I couldnt have put it better myself, my one missing link so to speak was my visits to a huge garden centre called Bridgemere,(just outside of nantwich cheshire)

But other than that  as I was telling the person who asked the question, Im more than pleased to have the chance Ive now got,

and thanks to the Internet/living france I can both pass on and learn new skills with the new friends Im talking to now, many thanks.

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Hi  k.k.k.

thanks for your reply,

now get your self over here "now" befor prices go like the U.K.

Ive noticed the shops, and big stores are now printing info ref goods for sale in english and the estate agents are employing more english/french

speaking staff.

this says something dont you think?

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