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I'm going to France next year as an exchange student and I'm wondering what to give to my host family when I first arrive. I'm planning on giving them something New Zealand (such as a sheep rug, or a Maori carving?) They have 5 kids, so I'm planning to give a little present to each, based on their interest. (im corresponding with them now)

I want to give a nice present to the parents as well..

 What would the French appreciate?

Any help would be appreciated! Merci

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How about Jade or Pau shell jewelery for the female members of the family ?   Maybe some Tui Balm ?  NZ calendars are also a great idea - we get a couple each year from our family there.  For the males, what about some All Blacks items (keyrings etc.) as its Rugby World Cup in France next year. Oh yes, and one of those squashed possum keyrings !

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