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et qoi???


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I hesitated about whether to put this is humour or culture, but decided that it was probably a village-culture thing :)

What the f*** do you do when a p****d next-door neighbour comes round to give you a piece of sanglier?

Not only that, but when it appears the the un-identifiable piece of sanglier is just his way of "opening doors" because then he tries it on with you (because you are "belle" and recently single...) and your daughter (because she is "belle" and of an "appropriate age")...

and to cap it all his other half starts screaming from the chemin behind the house because you're not supposed to 'feed him alcohol'...and what the f*** is he doing in your house anyway!!! Oh dear LoL; the fun of rural French life.
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Hello hoverfrog.......

Is he cute? Just kidding! From my experience it is best to be firm but polite and most important of all, build a good relationship with his wife/partner because human nature being wht it is, she will hold you responsible and could wreck your reputation if she so wished just because he stepped foot in your house......
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cute? not even close!

I do get on very well with his other half - we went on holiday together recently. She can be 'funny' though, and does listen to gossip.

She had been out round the village looking for him, and came and retrieved him/rescued us - screeching at the top of her voice and threatening to kick him out! I don't want to complain to her though, as she gives him enough grief at the best of times and I think it would make matters worse :)
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Steer well clear.

The fact is that what he's done is absolutely bang out of order, not that he gives a monkeys.

He might even be an alright sort when he's sober, but he does choose to drink and must know what a t*t he is when he's had a few; the clown is thus refusing to take responsibility for his actions. We have a few people like this in our village where the missus co-manages the local bar/resto. I spent 30 years in north Manchester avoiding trouble - a minor miracle - and yet have had to put myself around a bit since since moving to 'quiet' rural France!

Explain to the wife that you don't want him coming over ever again, and if he does you're going to call the police.

Obviously, in the interests of a quiet life, you make out that this will be good for your friendship with her too.

If she doesn't like it - tough.

Being a nice sort, then moaning with frustration afterwards (we all do it) won't win you any sympathy: people would far rather listen to gossip and ask what you're doing letting him in in the first place.

Be angry in advance, not in hindsight. If I were your friend I'd be round his place right now giving him a piece of my right hand, that's my objective take on things!

Don't argue, don't shout, he'll probably love the opportunity to try and bulls*it you: just ignore him and he'll probably get the message that you're serious.

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I think my one 'redeeming feature' was that my 23 year-old daughter was with me, and it was when she appeared next to me that the chap's other half stopped shouting at me and started on him!

It's not easy keeping a low profile when the blokes all think they have a chance just because you've become single, and the women think you'll be after their fellas! :)
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It's exactly the same where we are.

It's like the wild west sometimes. A friend of ours split up with her fella a couple of years back and all of a sudden there's these suitors showing up at her house - dropping off free fruit and veg! It did her head in.

No women, curiously enough...

Being English only adds to the problem, given that our womenfolk are notouriously 'easy'.

French women are traditionally used to having their husbands keep a bit on the side, or so I'm told,  maybe there's some deep seated paranoia at play? The moral of the tale being: don't talk to any married men!

Have you tried dressing in black, gnashing and wailing?

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