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Did anyone see this documentary late last night on Arte? 

It's about Georgette who owns a café in Montmartre, Paris.  She's about 80 and her sole client is Fernande (about the same age) who comes in often for a couple of glasses of Suze.  They chat about Montmartre in the past, and how things are today.  Such colourful characters - I think you can download it on this link.    http://www.vodeo.tv/4-32-4260-au-fin-moka.html

 You must be able to understand French quite well however as the Parisian accent and their age makes it quite difficult to follow.

Someone kind like Clair will have to do the linky thing for me[:)]

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[quote user="Clair"][quote user="TWINKLE"]Someone kind like Claire will

have to do the linky thing for me[:)][/quote]Not if you keep getting

her name wrong!!![:@][/quote]

[quote user="TWINKLE"]Thank you Claire![/quote]


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