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Frenchmen Fighting!!!!


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Last week at a depot vente I witnessed quite a strange and bizzare incident.

It goes something like this:-

Two frenchmen 1 the owner or manager of the depot vente and the other gent are discussing the loan of the depot vente van. The other gent asks the DV owner for 20 euros as he put fuel in the van. The owner tells him no and an arguement ensues. After a few mins the DV owner ejects the other gent by grabbing the back of his coat and swining around several 360' turns and they end up hitting the side of the van..!!! Owner's wife pulls them apart and that was that.

It all seemed a bit 'girlie' and something I would have seen back in school when I was 10/12.

So my point is if that was the UK it would have been a bit more 'manly' even if it was grabbing of each other and threatening to knock each other's blocks off!!!1

I suspect there was more to the incident than just this but it certainly was bizzare.

Is this normal 'fighting' practice for frenchmen?

No way am I advocating violence (except when warranted on the rugby field) but comments please.



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Raindog, you obviously never played for a 4th fifteen only able to field 13 players in a mud swamp in deepest west Wales..!!!

Odd punch here and there is always a good talking point at the post game bar 'debrief'.

Cooperlola tend to agree but that would really upset the PC mob



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Havent seen any Frenchmen Fighting .....I know what you mean though.....I have met a few Englishmen who would deck people over less than 20 euros if they felt they were being robbed !      I was once told that English muggers were more dangerous / vicious than American ones ....The American one would pull a knife (or gun ) and ask you for your valuables leaving you the choice to hand them over and leave you alone when you do . The English one would beat you to the ground then go through your pockets for perhaps a fiver not giving you the change to hand it over first and leave you to call yourself an ambulance ..Given whats happening on the streets of the UK these days perhaps as a nation we are more violent ....sadly .... 
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