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Interceltic Festival - Lorient


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It starts on Sunday and the mid-day parade is a must to see apparently. 

My husbands band is playing in the free Off Festival from Sunday - Thursday and this year I shall be attending as a spectator for the first time and I can't wait - despite the 10 hour train journey I shall have to endure to get there[:)]

Wales is the showcase country this year and JK will also be there[:-))]

I have washed and ironed my Welsh flag and I have packed my suitcase full of colourful fairy outfits - but something tells me I will only be wearing my flag for 5 days[6]

Leaving tomorrow morning - come and have a drink and a free concert at one of the pubs on the main avenue where they serve a certain Irish drink just like they do in Dublin[;-)].  Look out for the band Doolin'!



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You LUCKY thing, Twinkle - I'd give my eye teeth to be there.  Apart from the sea, it's the only thing I miss desperately here in Maine et Loire - the music.  Almost worth considering a move to Brittany......

Have a wonderful time ![:D]

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It was wonderful Callie.

Just for you Twinks.  It was the highlight for me listening to Dowlais Male Voice Choir doing this little number.

This however is not Dowlais, but Trelawnyd.  The boys from Dowlais are still recovering from meeting Twinkle and trying to get their blood pressure reduced. 

Seriously though, they were great.



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Well you obviously had a great time !  I was working at Brest 2008.  Interestingly, there were no women singing there at all, and just a few playing.  The male choirs were just fab - really sends tingles up the spine.  Must try to make Interceltic next year.....

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I got back last night.  It was fabulous!  I met some lovely people and listened to some great music - but sorry - Doolin' are amazing[:)]  I got absolutely drenched in Welshness and now I'm soaking Welsh[:D]

Doolin' invited me to sing a Waterboys number with them and I had a whale of a time!  I met Matt Malloy the Chieftains flute player (sorry whistle player!) and gave him copies of my husbands bands cds.  He was stuffing them in his pocket and thanking me when he dropped them on the floor.  "See?" I said "They even sound good when you drop them!"[:)] 

I also got introduced to George Abbey and later met him again during the festival and then he came and saw me sing with Doolin' yesterday on my last day.  He's my buddy now[:)]


I also spent a lot of time drinking pints of beer with the Dowlais Male Voice Choir and have loads of great jokes to tell you - but I would get banned from the forum for life if I did[6]



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