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Caravansérail: a new online learning and training centre


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A new resource centre and multimedia educational games

which offers Internet users the opportunity to train or deepen their knowledge through a

selection of documents available in free access.


covers the following areas:

  • health / biology,
  • general culture /

  • French

  • computer / internet
  • languages
  • mathematics
  • science
  • vocational guidance / job search

  • daily life / media
The links refer to narratives, animations or quizzes to teach while playing, or

sites of practical information (job search, crafts, etc.)..

Directed by the association Caravansérail Development, MediaSerail is

co-financed by the European Social Fund (FSE) and the ministère du travail, des relations sociales, de la famille et des solidarités. Caravansérail

Development, association loi 1901, operates in the field of vocational, social and professional



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