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Something Beautiful, A Dos de Cheval France 5

Christine Animal

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Maybe not French culture, but on French TV.  Don't miss these marvellous films on France 5.

I have watched the one on Morocco twice!  It can still be seen on Friday, 2nd April at 10.14.

Berbère Lachsen Slimani's stallion is the most important thing in his life.  His wife says the horse costs as much to keep as the whole family.  He is the head of a group of riders who take part in the fantasia every year.  He learnt to ride from his father and has passed his passion on to his eighteen year old son and it is now time to offer him his horse to be able to ride with them in the fantasia.  The horses are mostly Barbe/Arab crosses.  We see the father take his son to choose a horse and he chooses the most beautiful black Barbe.  But selling a few animals from the farm cannot even pay a deposit on the equivalent of  the 2,600 euros needed for the horse.  So Slimani leaves his family for three weeks and travels the 700 kms down to Ouarzazate where an old friend helps him take part in films where they need good riders, something he has never done before.  But in two weeks he is as good as the professional stuntmen.  His wife says he has never been away from home for so long, but she is not worried, she knows he will return, as his horse is there!

He returns with the beautiful Barbe for his son, paid by the money from the films and they have a wonderful celebration.  The mother says she has agreed for her son to have his horse and, however hard times may be, she will never go back on her word.  The father and the son ride their horses for three days to the fantasia, the tradition being that everyone should arrive on horseback.  The fantasia is the great event at the end of the film, after which the son says he will do all he can not to deceive his father's trust, that he will work hard so that later his younger brother can also have his horse.

The filming is absolutely beautiful, as are the horses, the incredible scenery and the art of their riding.  Full of passion, discretion and respect, a lovely moment.  Maybe I'll watch it a third time!   [:)]

Today at 14.45 the programme is in India.  Hope it will be as good as Maroc.  There is also one in Argentina.

A Dos de Cheval


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