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Hello everybody,

I lived in France with my children for 6 years, returning to the UK just over 2 years ago, and I am now a mature student studying for a degree in French Studies at Portsmouth University.

I have chosen to do my dissertation on the cultural differences between the French and the British, and it would be a great help to get as many experiences of those of you who have moved to France to live.

The aim of my research is to discover the areas where British people - who have been going to France for many years, and believe they know the country well - suffer a degree of culture shock when they are living there permanently. In addition I hope the research will help French communities to support their British immigrants to integrate into local life.

What is it about the French way of life that you love? What is it that drives you crazy? What is it that you really don't "get"?

If you have moved back to the UK, I would also love to hear your stories.

I want to underline that this is not going to be a "bash the French" opportunity - I loved being in France, and it was a sad time for me when I realised I would have to leave. I would love to hear positive as well as negative experiences.

If you can help, please mail me via my University address las81558@port.ac.uk or reply via the site. I have prepared a short questionnaire which should not take more than 30 minutes to complete; this can be done either by mail, or by phone.

With many thanks in advance for your help.

Sian Evans.

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