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So the customer is not always right ...


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Have just read this article from BBC News where the writer launches into an attack of the service - or lack of it - based on her experiences in Paris, especially during a period when she had broken her leg and had to take taxis instead of driving herself. I agree in principal with what she is saying but do believe I prefer the French system as I know exactly what to expect - hopefully not the rudeness of Paris - but the honesty and pride.


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The article exaggerates by generalizing people in Paris. But it is pretty true that many are too frank, individualistic, sometimes rude. At paris, many values and customs are lost. There is a big social tension where each person thinks that to survive, you have to squash the other. The anglo saxon politeness and the customer service are far much better but I find too hypocrite or subservient sometimes. In fact, here in america, people will do everything for money but almost nothing in france. It's a huge gap in the way of welcoming and serving people. In the provinces, small villages and countryside, french can be very nice and sincere.

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[quote user="NormanH"]Have you ever tried grown-up writing,  with punctuation ? [/quote]

As can be seen from another posting, "patnotinfrance" is French and therefore probably ought to be excused for errors in expressing himself in what is not his mother tongue.

Errr, with apologies to Swissie, Frenchie, etc, whose command of the English language and ability to express themselves in writing are irreproachable.



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Apart from the idiosyncracy of not using Capital Letters for Proper Nouns [:D], I see that the post is perfectly adequately punctuated for comprehension.  And isn't that all that is required?  To convey meaning and make sense to the reader?

Norman, what on earth are you on about?  Please enlighten me as I would dearly love to know.....

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Mythical dwarf elephants.

I had a good time there but didnt see any?

On the subjectof pronouncing "K"'s for years myself and a group of friends enetered a hillclimb in the Pas De Calais, the guy on the PA always had trouble pronouncing English names, his best howler was pronouncing my pals surname "Knight" as either "Kniggut" "kneedgeet" the name stuck and we all refer to him as the "....kin eedjit" now!

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