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InterCeltique Festival Lorient


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The festival finishes today Sunday in Lorient Bretagne. Whilst Celtique folk music is not everyone choice it is rare to find the International Celtic Culture on mainstream french TV. But to night at 20:35 an exception. Recommended by PPP.[:)]



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A bit far for me - but we have a big Celtic festival by the lake at La Tène (of the Celtic civilisation fame- lake dweller on stilts) next week-end- do wonder if some of the groups will be the same. We had a great Buskers festival this week in Neuchatel, sadly last night it rained so only a few groups could play in the street under the Arcades - and other inside venues had to be found. Great variety and so much talent. Week end after if the Jazz festival also by the Lake - all great fun. Enjoy.

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[quote user="pachapapa"]

What a tremendous spectacle; the Grande Finale was awesome.

Definitely on my provisional agenda for a visit next year.

When I think of how much time and money I've wasted over the years with the Edinburgh Castle event, a paltry affair.



We watched it on TV last night too, and thought we must try and get there sometime.

But I'm sorry I have to disagree with you about the Edinburgh Tattoo. I used to do first aid duty there and absolutely loved it, and there's nothing to beat hearing "Black Bear" and "Scotland the Brave" as the pipes and drums march down Castlehill. [:D] I don't think you're comparing like with like, in Edinburgh they're very restricted by the size of the castle esplanade, whereas the Grande Finale took place in a stadium. But I did thouroughly enjoy it.


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Hell it was a long time ago thinking about it so the comparison may not be fair. But it is small and the noise can be deafening; the lone piper at the end is memorable. 1968 was an eventful year, spent time in Paris earlier in the year, followed by taking a group of american tourists around europe, followed by Edinburgh and on that visit Tom Courtenay in Hamlet at the Assembly Rooms remains engraved on my memory; upstaging a Samuel Beckett production a few days later at the Abbey theatre in Dublin.[:)]

See you at Lorient next year.

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