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The army have road blocks again..


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Yes the army are back in our neck of the woods again - playing games.

They had girly soldiers too and came down the lane by the side of my house looking across the fields towards another lane.

So I went out and said there was nobody down there as I had just walked a loop through the woods in that area.

I told them whre other troops were but it seems they were having their own fun setting up an ambush for the truck they had arrived on??

I asked why they kept coming here and they said it was a lovely place and they were back for three weeks.

They were officers training and had come down from barracks in Paris - I would have thought they could have found a forest closer to Paris to play in.

I asked if they could pick up their spent shell casings, they apologised but said they couldn't always find them all. I told them how we have great fun with the unspent blanks they leave around.

I guess it's the full French experience having a dozen soldiers with light and heavy machine guns outside your kitchen window - I offered tea and was asked for Earl Grey with milk please.

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