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C'est Normale !


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Donc, no it isn't.

The pourtant c'est vrai is the one that always gets me, body language is always haughty too when people say this as they look down their noses and then after this sweeping declaration the conversation is over, completely over.
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Enfin, bref..........


Tu foute ma gueule!

And not forgetting the most common word in French, one that is spoken at least once every 3 seconds:

Euuhhh................................ [:P]

Preferably spoken like a half-wit [;-)]


If you remember the adverts back in the 70's I think they were for Cadburys fingers, where the young boy is conning his younger brother using dubious mathematics and the young lad replies like a cretin "D'eeuuuhhh..... I wish I was as clever as you Brian!" you will recall that henceforth in those non PC days calling someone a DerrBrian was a great put down.

Trouble is with the exception of a few politicians and business leaders and the very old (who would have a good excuse to talk like that) nearly every French person sounds to me like a DerrBrian.

I am convinced it is an affectation as "les people" seem to take it to ridiculous extremes, was it always like that?

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And not forgetting when you finally run out of steam linking random words with "eeuuhhh's" you finish with a "Voila!" or an "Et puis Voila"

It always reminds me of an insane great uncle I had that always went on about the weather being caused by space rockets knocking the earth off its axis and would finish every rambling sentence with "and that, and all that"

Et puis voila! C'est tout.

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"en principe"

this was particularly reassuring when we were helping the local farmer get his cows out of our garden and into his field. "What about the bull?" we said to the farmer. "En principe il me suit" he said (or possible "suive" - subjunctive?). Luckily the bull followed the cows.

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Allez hop! (used a lot by medical personnel...)

Chancer, I  hope you don't mind, but it is "Tu te fous de ma gueule" - at least, down here.[:D] Maybe in the north, they have a different version!

Down here, what you hear the most, is (probably censored): "p u t a i n!"  and "fait chier"[:'(]

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