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Complaints Regarding an Estate Agent


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Hi there

We recently rented our house out long term to a local French lady using an Estate agent ( Immobilier ) in Bapaume, Pas De Calais as our Factor.

Bottom line we think the Agent has totally messed something up when the tenant left which has meant us losing a good few euros in terms of lost rent. Being honest its a catalogue of errors on their behalf.

A lawyer has looked at our case, says we will win but being honest we really do not have the spare cash to sue the Estate agent etc etc.

Does anybody know the Regulating body we could write to, complaining to them about their " member " hopefully hoping at the end of the day they have the clout to tell the Estate agent to pay us the lost revenue or come to a deal etc etc.

As ever your help is very welcome

Kind regards from Dundee



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