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Arte TV: "les plus beaux villages de France"


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On Arte France, from Mon. 7 May at 18h05 (French time), a series on "les plus beaux villages de France", their inhabitants, culture, history and legends.

Mon. 7: Locronan (photos) in Brittany

Tues. 8: Rocamadour (website) in the Lot

Wed. 9: Barfleur (photos) in Normandy

Thur. 10: Montrésor (photos) in Indre-et-Loire

Fri. 11: Conques (photos) in the Aveyron

Mon. 14: Paimpont (website) in Brittany

Tues. 15: Saint-Guilhem-le-Désert (photos) in the Hérault

Wed. 16: Talmont-sur-Gironde (photos)

Thur. 17: Lyons-la-Forêt (photos) in Normandy

Fri. 18: Cordes-sur-Ciel (photos) in the Tarn

and more... Details HERE.

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I know that I'm going to sound very grumpy, but that title has become a bit of a turnoff for me.

My most recent experience (St Guilhem-le-Desert) was worse than a disappointment: it was a ripoff.

Pretty village, yes.  But very pricey parking, nasty lunch at an exhorbitant price and a place that felt the very opposite of 'natural'. Wouldn't go near there again. 

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I totally agree about St Guilhem...and the same is true of Conques, which is very difficult to get into if you can't walk a long way from the car park, although the village itself is a bit less 'twee'

That's why I prefer to watch a programme. It's a bit like a match. You get the best views on the TV..

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I've just enjoyed looking at all the photos/videos - just beautiful. I haven't been to Locronan for about 30 years, and it was like being there again. It was a very quiet, beautiful  place; I still had some woven place mats I bought there until recently. We went for a walk down a lane, and stopped to speak to an old couple, who invited the whole family in for refreshments - a lovely memory.

It was also lovely to be back in Rocamadour and Cordes, and St-Guilhem was also as we have seen it - almost the only people there, as we have only been out of season.

Thanks a lot Clair - that was a lovely way to start the day!  [:D]

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