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France-Angleterre (again!)

Christine Animal

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I was wondering if anyone had seen this on Arte, "France-Angleterre : Tendres Rivales".

It is in three parts and I happened to see part of one rediffused late last night, thinking I would be able to see the rest on replay.  But the replay time has run out!

All I could find is this extrait : http://videos.arte.tv/fr/videos/france_angleterre_tendres_rivales_extrait_-6705800.html


But it looks as if it is going to be on again on the morning of June 26th.


It was very interesting and looks the type of programme you might like Chancer.


Apparently we have the tin can thanks to Napoleon who wanted a way of taking food with them which could be kept for some time.  A Frenchman, Nicolas Appert, came up with preserving food in glass jars.  But this obviously was not practical for travelling.  So a British inventor of French origin, Peter Durand, patented his method, in a tin can.



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It was a Napoleonic surgeon who helped preserve soldiers, keeping them alive that is. (Barron Dominique Jean Larrey)

He was the 1st person to really study Hypothermia. He (conversely) discovered that the pampered officers who sat closer to the fire survived less often than the normal soldiers who were further away from the heat.

I only know this as there is a museum dedicated to him in a small village on the way to the La Mongie ski resort in the Pyrenees.

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