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Is mental illness really taboo....


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in France?  I mean even more than in the UK?

We have a very lovely neighbour, bright, smiley, friendly, sparkly and quite beautiful who's obviously had some sort of mental breakdown.

She was taken off somewhere the day it happened and we haven't seen her since.

I put a card through their letterbox, offering our help such as with shopping or having the children after school till dad comes home. 

Her father thanked me as he caught me putting the card through and I spoke to another family member a couple of days ago.  This relative started telling me a bit about it then some French people walked by and she switched to English so I guessed she didn't want the others to hear what was being said.

Now I don't want to appear nosey and I certainly don't want to upset anyone so some light thrown on this subject might be of great help to me at the moment.

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[quote user="sweet 17"]Is mental illness really taboo....[/quote]


What the French people I know well find really difficult to understand is the UK culture of strangers - even close neighbours/friends - involving themselves in what is a family affair.


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