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Vosins Vigilantes, anyone members?


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We are and ours was the first group in our village. For those who don't know it it's a direct copy, or almost, of the neighbourhood watch in the U.K.. It seems to have taken off quite big now and with big signs at all of the roads into our village is probably a good way of deterring thieves?

On their web site we can inform the neighbours when we are going to be away, with the  choice of whom we inform. One of our groupe put a message out that he had lost his dog.

It is a very useful way of pulling the reticent French together too with occasional meetings. Some of our neighbours have lived here for lots of years and were pleasantly surprised to meet close neighbours for the first time

If you want more info about possible groupes in you village/town then have a look at this.site and this is a fun way of showing the power of groupes

If there's one by you it's worth thinking about even if it's just to meet more of your neighbours?

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