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French TV Success Lupin


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Anyone else watched it?


Have watched and enjoyed the first set of episodes. Does not take itself too seriously and is an entertaining story, if you get past the idea that he is a thief. Sick to death of US TV dramas, so good to have alternatives.

Next on the list is "dix pour cent" (call my agent) which is also becoming a hit.
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"Dix pour cent" is brilliant!

At last series 4 is out, but I am rationing myself to one episode a night.

"Lupin" is next on my list; friends had told me it was great, so I am looking forward to it.

Also on Netflix, I can recommend a couple of excellent French documentary series:

"Who killed little Gregory?”, about the 40-year investigation into the death of Gregory Villemin, the police bungling, the anonymous letters and the string of accusations and counter accusations.

“Room 2806”, about the rise and fall of Dominique Strauss Khan.

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And this post has made me think of another tv series I used to love watching, La Belle Anglaise. There was some good french tv, just some of it was awful.

ie  Dorothee, or Chantal Goya for the kids, truly truly dreadful both of them.
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