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French "Woke"?


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Interesting one, Norman. Academics getting far too up themselves for no useful purpose. As for lamenting that the class struggle has been overtaken by Islamo leftism, just plain childish.

The values of the Republic do not seem to be able to admit multi-culturalism, partly understandably partly not.
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Now sometimes people would try and enlighten me as to the wonders of the french republic and multiculturalism never ever was part of that mix.

The Republican ideals were the best and the best way to give everyone a fair and equal chance.

These were in general 68'ers and for all they would concede that the system was not perfect, and that if necessary adjustments could be made, they could think of nothing better.

Woke, it is far more complicated than just being aware of others, because absolutely everyone has to, including within one's own, well, community.

There are some rum old things at the moment, this, anti vaxers and an outbreak of veganism.

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