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a truly wonderful programme, uplifting and will leave you in awe....


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Thank you so much.  Must admit, I just chose the link without checking it out![:-))]

Did you like the programme?  I was thinking of you even as I watched it because this was one of those places that we'd  both have a problem getting to and negotiating the heights.

Also, despite thinking that I knew about lots of lovely, intriguing places in France, I knew nothing about le Queyras so it was an exciting discovery for me.

Lastly, it is a beautifully-made programme, n'est ce pas?[:)]

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Somewhere I will probably never see either.

Pas pareil.....but, there are many, many places which we WILL see.....says I, even as I feel regret and sadness....

Quick, find me some consoling and beautiful music[I]

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