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Is there a 'Law' relating to noise from a household ?


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I wonder . Are there actual 'laws' or local ordinances that cover the time(s) at which  one must be quiet (presumably meaning keeping all household noise within the house).

I have heard stories of this, and other directives precluding the use of outside machinery at times, but I never know whether they are 'old wives tales' or what.


Thank you.


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We live in an apartment block, and some of the apartments are rented out. Once summer arrived, renters, mostly holidaying for a week or so, have caused a lot of problems with their noise. One couple, French long-term renters, partied till 2.30 am recently mainly out on their terrace, despite being requested to be quiet. We have complained to them verbally and by letter, with no apology. We have been told that if they should make a noise after 10pm we should call the police immediately. In fact, their lease is in danger now.

The agents managing the apartments have just sent out a letter to all owners, setting out the rules, andtelling people to inform those renting that any noise between 22.00 and 7.00 is totally forbidden.

Summer there is lovely (just too hot for us, now back in UK till September), but roll on the autumn! Still sunny, blue skies etc, just more tranquil.

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