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Sucre semoule


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I have a pretty good English-French dictionary (about 4 inches thick) which up til now has never let me down. However, I received 3 French French cookery books this Christmas (if you get my drift) - all gratefully received, as I thought that way I could avoid the double cream etc type problems. If they're in French they will give you ingredients you can buy here n'est ce pas? Of course, you have to understand the French to buy the ingredients. So many of these recipes seem to call for sucre semoule. My dictionary has nothing under "sucre" and "semoule" translates as semolina. Can anyone enlighten me as to what "sucre semoule" is? I even found it in a recipe in a free booklet from Intermarche; hence could foresee no problem in buying it (even if I don't know what it is!) in aforesaid supermarket, but to no avail! they had sucre of every kind, but not sucre semoule - HELP!

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