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"ViveLaFrance" rip off expo baguettes?


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We visited vivelafrance on saturday, and YES I've never seen a baguette in france look so bland, where did they get them? M&S, Waitrose and even Tesco, look and taste better than they did!!!!
I was disappointed to say the least, and why wasn't there a crepe stall, you can get them on french markets, so why not at vivalafrance. Will you visit next year?
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I and four others visited Vive La France on Saturday (been the previous 2 years)and came away rather disappointed. My friend bought an 'authentic baguette'. Must ask her if it was any good. I bought nothing as there wasn't anything worth buying and yes, what was there were at rip-off prices, including the cheese. I think it is very sad when you think of all the possibilities. Crepes definitely. Videos playing (quietly) by each area stand giving an idea of what that area/department has to offer scenery wise for starters. I believe a lot of people go there to be informed as well as enjoy a real taste of France. I was particularly depressed by the disinterest shown by the department stands. Nobody seemed enthusiastic about anything. Fortunately the day was redeemed by a superb dinner at an Italian restaurant not far from Victoria Station! Caught the last train home and rolled into bed the early hours of Sunday morning. No I won't be going back next year because me and my better(???) half will be moving to Dept 17 come April, all being well, but I wouldn't go anyway.

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I went once, last year, and I do agree about the prices. However what must be considered is the exobitant prices the exhibition company charge for the stands so therefore item prices reflect these charges. These exhibitors/vendors have to make their profit in just a few days rather than overheads spread over a longer period of time. Not only do they pay per square centimeter but have to pay extra if they want a plug/light etc and they have to be installed by on site tradesmen, they are not allowed to fit their own!Quality/expectations are another matter of course! The 'French' markets held in UK towns are in a similar vein regarding quality and price sometimes. But remember this is not France - the only place you will get the real thing for free is France! The busiest section of Vive la France is the property section but most agents have good websites with quality photos and descriptions and that is free too! Many can be found in Living France, but search engines fetch up a host of immobiliers. But like all agents photos (especially UK) they should only be taken at face value and nothing beats a few days wandering around your preferred region.
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