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My cakes are burning!


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Can anyone please tell me how to bake a cake - in a French oven which is fueled by bottle gas - and stop them burning on the bottom.

I have set the oven at the correct temperature, double lined, etc. but all to now avail. The bottom of the cakes seem to burn - particularly fruit cakes. I am used to using a gas oven in England so am happy to use gas, in fact I have used calor in the past, but have never experienced this problem before. This can also happen when roasting potatoes, or cooking a Yorkshire Pudding.

I have tried reducing the temperature, various shelf positions etc. I would say also that the cooker is fitted with the correct burners.

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I too have the same problem....I have tried putting tins, paper etc but I still don't get good results. I have been told that unless you pay a fabulous amount for a gas oven then it is better to have electric....I have resorted to using my combination microwave. Sorry I can't be of any useful help but at least you know that you aren't alone!
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Our C.G. cooker came with an all metal additional shelf or (tray if you prefer ) in addition to the spare metal grills. My wife places the spare all metal tray/shelf on the bottom of the cooker which seems to reduce the heat factor and aleviate burnt pastry. Perhaps you may have this shelf/tray or if not see if you can buy one or have a piece of metal cut to size. Hope this may help
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Teamedup was most helpful on a previous posting about this problem and said that this was a problem with French gas ovens. Because of this we bought a very expensive cooker which has an electric oven (with more settings than I have ever seen before - such as choosing to use the fan or not - fan or not assisted grilling???? and also catalytic cleaning) with a gas hob. It has been money well spent and although I am still getting my head round it seems to work very well. Nothing burns by the way as I often cook bread in it. If I am cooking for just the two of us I mostly use the combination microwave to save money.


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We currently live in Italy and cook with bottled gas and have had the same problem. We have great difficulty regulating the temperature. The trick is to put a tray of water on the rack underneath that which the cake is on. We also use an oven thermometer. Happy baking!
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