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Venison and Sanglier recipies


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We just allowed the local shoot to use a room as a base for the shoot and for their lunchtime repast.

In payment we received a leg of venison and a set of sanglier ribs.

As these are sure to be such a treat, I don't want to make a mess of them due to lack of familiarity with their preparation and cooking.

Should these pices of meat be 'hung' for a period before being cooked and if so for how long?, or are they better used quickly?

Any suggestions for tasty ways to cook these will be most welcome

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Sanglier should be frozen for three weeks to kill trichonose (sp? sorry), a parasite.
Several sources suggest this should apply to commercial pork too.
If game is to be hung it is usually done whole, here in 24 they don't.
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Can't help you with the hanging, as when we bought our piece of venison at Christmas the butcher said it would be best for eating a couple of days later and advised us to freeze it as we bought it about 6 days before Christmas.

However, the recipe I used was to marinate it with red wine, olive oil and herbs, then to put bacon slices over it and roast in the marinade, basting regularly. Then the remaining wine can be thickened to make a sauce - but I have no recipe for that. Cumberland sauce was recommended for accompaniment, but we found it was too liquidy to make a proper sauce so we haven't done it again.

Jill (99)
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Tell them If they are ever down our neck of the woods I too can find a room for them ( and in the freezer.)
Why not ask on of the hunting group as I am sure they would`n mind sharing their recipes.
For the venison.. roast with red wine on a rack so the juices end up in the wine and then reduce the sauce, lovely tried it several times.
soak the wild boarin a marinade of red wine ,garlic ,celery onion and carrot and then braise gently in the marinade.
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It's a bit late now but if I have the presence of mind I ask the hunters who bring it - they know the age of the beast etc. and a lot about making the most of game.
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