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How is Low-carb going for you?


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Hello all(especially Gay!)

I started Atkins 13 October so it has now been one month on the programme. It was horrible at first because I had to switch to decaffeinated coffee, I had headaches for about a week. Now I am fine. I have lost 2 stone 2 ponds so far. My doctor suggested I try this and I was sceptical so looked up some of the research, read it and thought, well... give it a go. Let me tell you, I love it! I do miss bread sometimes and will allow myself a slice of true wholemeal from time to time but I know refined white flour and sugar are bad for you anyway.

My daily carb intake is 20-25 grams and its all veg. Tons of salad, broccoli, sauted greens, kale, etc. I look and feel great, good energy levels as well. My breathe doesn't smell of nail varnish remover, I know because my kids would tell me. I eat lots of fibre so no problem, er, there either.

So, how is it going for you?

Cheers! Belinda
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I've thought about doing this. I've looked at the atkins.com site, but I think I'm missing something.

Do you really not eat potatoes, rice, wheat, pasta, couscous, bread? I could easily live without cakes and ice cream, it wouldn't bother me if they just stopped existing, but all those carby things, they're brilliant, I love 'em!

But what the hell, maybe I'll give it a go. How long would you say it takes to show results?

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My boss weighed in at 112 kg in August and was put on this diet by his doctor. He's now 88 kg and busy having all his trousers altered! This is no cabbage soup or F plan diet and from what I can see he eats loads of tasty looking food. Other friends have lost 5 kg in a fortnight and neither put anything back on once they stopped, which again is unlike cabbage soup. Am trying to persuade hubbie to give it a go but he's quoting all these supposed doctors who disagree apparently...


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How do you cope if you're cooking for a family? For example, lasagne, would you:

A. just refuse to make it for them because you can't eat it
B. eat the meat and sauce and leave the pasta (bit messy!)
C. make it for them and cook a separate meal for yourself.

I think that overall I'm losing my taste for food altogether, which is not like me. Or is this the secret of the diet, it just puts you off eating?

The sight of my weekly market pile of fresh vegetables no longer gives me any pleasure, I just think omg I've got to eat all that!

Yours unthinly,

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It was discussed on BBC Breakfast this morning. It stems from diets for diabetics. It's supposed to be quite healthy but seems to be the opposite of the Atkins diet. You eat lots of carbohydrate. It's all to do with what stimulates the blood sugar and thus the metabolism. Weird info though - cold mashed potato is better for you than hot!?!? (what about the creme fraiche I put in????) and pasta is good, but macaroni isn't!?!?! (Isn't it pasta then?) I'll have to look at a packet of macaroni in the supermarket before I can work that one out! It sounds quite a good diet as I need food which fills me as I'm always hungry. But the doctor on television said there is nothing to beat eating less and exercising more. I teach dance 20 hours a week - isn't that enough exercise? Evidently not! I get hungry!

Jill (99)
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After 4-5 weeks, I'm finally down to 63kg. All the way from 64!!

Decided I can't really take it entirely seriously. If someone is kind enough to cook a quiche/lasagne/shepherd's pie for it, I'll eat it, because their friendship is more important than my vanity.

But it's true that you don't miss the rice and potatoes and pasta stuff. And overall I think I feel better for cutting down on them.

But I don't feel right about avoiding bread altogether, it's such a basic of human existence, everywhere on the planet. It's like counting calories, it's kind of indulgent when there are so many starving. Weird, I know, but it bothers me.

172cm, 63kg. New coat bought with child-minding earnings - ha ha, it cost 55 euros, before anyone thinks that child-minding in France is a big earner!

Eat lots, be happy

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