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Our hens are being very productive at the moment, and we have more eggs than we can use in the usual way of 1 or 2 each per day plus baking. Can you think of any ways of using the surplus? I have a recipe for ice cream using raw eggs, but apart from that am at a loss for ideas. Pat.
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LAST EDITED ON 10-Feb-04 AT 08:38 PM (GMT)

if you want to add some inches as well creme brulee, but thats only the yolks.
i am sure i heard someone say that they froze eggs, but maybe i am dreaming on that one, not in there shells of course.

recipe for creme brulee
6 egg yolks
1 pint of cream
2oz sugar
whisk eggs and sugar together add cream cook in an bainmarie for approx 1 hour 30 ,140 degree . once set take out of oven and put into the fridge just before serving add sugar and place under a grill or us a blow tourch to brown the top
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Schott's food and drink miscellany (an excellent read) suggests:
"Break two dozen eggs and seperate the whites from the yolks.
Tie the yolks in a pig's bladder, boil them hard and remove them.
In a larger pig's bladder: Place the whites - into the midst of the whites place the set yolks and tie the bladder tight.
Boil the whole until the whites set and then remove from the water.
Serve the monster egg on a bed of spinach."

Sounds great, doesn't it ?
I'd (personally) serve it with a light hollandaise sauce as a thoroughly agreeable breakfast for several people, with a glass or 3 of bubbly !
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