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LAST EDITED ON 18-Mar-04 AT 08:06 PM (GMT)

Has anyone used the services of a traiteur in France to provide a buffet type meal for around 60 people and could give indication of how much to allow for each person? Alcohol will not be included which will be organised seperately.


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I've given up on buffets. Even the one we went to last New Year was not a self service, we were expected to await people coming around with trays.

Last time I used a traiteur was some time ago and a full meal was around 60ff. Salad compos, polente and beef bourg. cheese and dessert. That was about the cheapest they had and we had to serve it ourselves. The prices of the rest of their menu went up and up and up.... they were very good though and we were very happy with what we had.

I think it is worth asking around and finding out who does it best.
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