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I am talking about tips for cooking that at first sight seemed a bit daft but when you tried them they really worked.

Mine involves the rind of parmesan cheese which we eat loads of. The tip (from Fern Britton's husband who is a great cook but whose name escapes me) is to put the rind into the soup pot and not into the dog or bin.

I make a huge pot of soup each day for the 'workers' lunch and have tried many methods of giving the soup flavour as has been mentioned the stock cubes are not that good and looking at the ingredients not that good for the health either. The inclusion of various cheese rind works well and I leave it in the pot as I add to the soup on a daily basis until it dissolved.

As an aside, this does not seem to induce migrane in one of the chaps who has to watch his cheese intake - could it be the cooking I wonder.

More ideas please and the more cost effective the better.


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