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According to France magazine, Camembert and Brie are the most popular French cheeses in Britain whilst in France, Comte is the favourite.

I found this rather surprising, as apart from in a fondue, I've never seen Comte in any French homes I've visited, nor served in restaurants. In supermarkets, there isn't much shelf room given to it either.


I mentioned this to a French friend in Normandy with whom we'll be dining in April and she said she didn't even know what Comte was. She said she prefers the Norman cheeses. I suppose it's a question of what you get used to, but I did mention to her that I don't like them at all. If when we go for dinner she decided to offer Camembert croutons or something, it would be very difficult to eat them and pretend we liked them. We were served them in a restaurant once and took one taste and - no thank you. When it comes to French cheese, the only ones I do like are the hard yellow ones such as Beaufort, Comte, Gruyere, Emmenthal, Salers, Cantal Entre Deux and Tomme de Savoie. Do like Boursin/Tartare, can't bear Chevre.

Anyway, if my friend in Normandy doesn't even know what Comte is,it is surprising if it is the most popular cheese in France! I'd have thought that Emmenthal was more popular from the cooking point of view as well as the eating point of view.

Jill (99)
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We love Comte and I must buy two pieces per week by the way it disappears. To me is is similar to the dutch hard cheeses but with a lot more flavour and no nasty horrible wax coating. It slices well and is OK in a sauce if you grate it and I love it with my midday crackers. I am afraid that I am not that keen on the amonia tasting normandy soft cheeses and hate goat products all together. Beaufort is another nice cheese but horribly expensive.
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I am very surprised your friend hasn't heard of it. Even if she doesn't like it you can hardly miss it in the shops in prepacked and off the counter versions and also in those handy bags of grated cheese. I use it mainly in cooking being one of the nearest I have found to Cheddar in its versatility and being reasonably tasty. Not something I would expect to find on a restaurant cheese board though. I'm not quite sure why but they tend to go in for soft cheeses a lot, Camembert, Brie, Goat etc. Probably in the appropriate region you would get it served this way.

Liz (29)
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