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Cheese and ovens


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Yes weird combination I know, but I must ask about both

I have looked on the 'cheesey facts' thread but didn't find the answer. Can anyone recommend a hard cheese with a strong flavour that is good for gratins? I have tried several different ones and need one that can be grated that is flavoursome enough.

Secondly, we are hoping to replace our oven soon (which incidentally, we inherited and has exploded, but sadly still works - one explosion too many in my book) and have always been used to gas. We have bottled gas as we are too rural for mains, and wonder what others would recommend? I would love a range-type but am not sure if they come in the bottled version? Also could a mixte cuisinire be used with the bottled gas for the rings, I don't know. And then where to buy it? Answers on a postcard please...


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I would
>love a range-type but am
>not sure if they come
>in the bottled version? Also
>could a mixte cuisinire be
>used with the bottled gas
>for the rings, >

Yup, no problem - we have a "Godin" with 2 electric ovens and five gas (bottled) burners.

You can chose the combination you wish - just specify bottled gas when ordering.

Happy cooking (and eating, of course) - or several courses
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This really is a matter of taste. The emmantels vary in flavour though as do all the Gruyere family. I think you should experiment, with all the cheeses suggested and see what you like best.

My son often crumbles blue cheeses onto gratins along with the cheeses mentioned.
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The Compte/Beaufort/Gruyere family (all the same, just depends on which side of the mountains the cows come home to) are supposed to be best because they don't sweat as much fat when cooked as other hard cheeses and hence don't dry out. The older (and more expensive) the cheese the stronger the flavour and the less you need to use. Personally I find most Beaufort overpriced.

Goats cheese is good, but you need to use younger, softer cheese that can be crumbled on top of the dish. It has a more acidic nature that may no be to your taste.

For maximum flavour try a little roquefort. You don't need much so its economical and healthy.

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