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traditional french farmhouse recipes

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LAST EDITED ON 04-May-04 AT 08:42 AM (BST)

I have been asked to write an article about traditional french farmhouse fayre, and wonder if anyone has a favourite recipe they could share?

It can be anything from your neighbours'prize black pudding, blanquette de veau, or a seasonal garden fruit confiture. I'd appreciate if you could stick them in my inbox (dont use the email link as its out of date)
What I dont need is the typical recipe book version, using shop bought ingredients, rather the way your french neighbour would prepare and cook straight from the potager or poultry house.
thank you
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The gardening magazine, Rustica, has a recipe each week based on seasonal produce . Last week was spring vegetable soup, and the week before, flower jellies ie rosepetal, dandelion, and rose and pomegranate. Another good source is Elizabeth David. I could send you the Rustica recipes, but would this be cheating or infringement of copyright ? Pat.
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