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I do my main shopping at Leader Price in Saint Cr (46). I have taken a liking to a certain wine which only costs 1.50 and usually buy 6 bottles at a time... anyway, I was jotting down a shopping list the otehr day, based on previous shopping trips and noticed that the wine had gone up to 1.55. At the shop, the shelf price was still at 1.50.

So, bearing in mind that I had several receipts to show that the price charged was not the price shown, I asked for the person in charge.

The duty manager did not have the authority to do anything and I had to phone the following day. The actual manager said without hesitation that he would pay the difference (which is the law anyway).

Once I had made it clear I was not accusing him or his staff of trying to diddle me, but I quite understood that it was just an error, he also went over to the wine shelf and offered me a bottle as an apology!

Standard stuff in GB, but pretty rare attitude in France where "keeping the customer happy" comes way down the list, from previous experience.

Anyway, that deserves saying and I shall make sure his head office know about it, to encourage the attitude.

As a previous "customer service agent", I know that most people only write to complain, hardly ever to compliment...

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