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Dried Fruit Compote

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In a hotel last year, we were served a fruit compote for breakfast. This wasn't the sort of compote which is familiar in France, but it was made with dried fruit, poached in whisky, honey and bergamot. It was served with Greek Yoghurt. Normally, I'm not into fruit at all, but I had this one every day - it was delicious.

I remembered I'd seen a similar recipe in Supercook and dug it out recently. This recipe is dried fruit (soaked), then red wine and water boiled with cinammon and sugar, then the fruit added and simmered for 15 minutes. Then you drain the fruit and reduce the syrup and then put them together again.

I have considerably reduced the amount of sugar as I feel there is plenty of sugar in the fruit and I don't like things to be overly sweetened.

So far, we have only made enough to last my daughter and myself about 3 or 4 breakfasts.

IF YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE OF PRESERVING FRUIT, HOW LONG SHOULD I BE ABLE TO STORE THIS IF I WERE TO PUT IT IN JARS IN A CUPBOARD AS OPPOSED TO IN THE FRIDGE? I mean, will the sugar or red wine see to it (or only if I add the correct amount of sugar)?

If I were to add a drop of rum or whisky, would that increase its life expectancy.

It really does make a delicious breakfast with yoghurt. I used figs, prunes, apricots and apples and also threw in a few pumpkin and sunflower seeds as the hotel also added those.

It's surprisingly filling and much better than my usual meusli and yoghurt!

Jill (99)
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Here's my recipe
Use mixed dried fruit moelleux (moist), either chopped or left whole to taste; it doesnt need to be soaked unless using it straight away. You can use apricots, dates, prunes, bananas, figs.
Dissolve fructose or sugar in water to make a light syrup add a vanilla pod and simmer for a few minutes. Leave to cool slightly and pour over the prepared fruit, making sure that the fruit is well submerged in the syrup. You can add whiskey etc at this stage to taste if you want to. Cool and put in fridge; it will keep for 2 weeks; the fruit will get softer and the syrup thicker and vanilla taste stronger if you leave the pod in; as time goes by. You can preserve it in jars sterilised in a water bath and it will keep for about 6 months, but isnt worth it as it is better made fresh.
When ready to serve take it out of fridge about an hour beforehand to take the chill off and serve with homemade strained yoghurt.

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I've been a dried fruit compote fan for years - in England and now in France. I can buy dried apricots, prunes, apple, figs and sometimes dried peaches from my local Super U. I place them all in a very large microwaveable bowl, pour over a little boiling water and top up to generously cover all the fruit with orange juice. No sugar added. Microwave to start with for about 7/8 minutes, then I keep adding a couple of minutes until the fruit has really soften and is nice and plump. Leave to cool completely which also means the juice soaks into the fruit further. I make a huge bowl as I divide it into smaller plastic bowls and freeze it. It freezes very well and is an absolutely gorgeous standby for a pudding or breakfast with natural yogurt or creme fraiche.
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