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Keeping scrub and undergrowth clear - legal limits/boundaries

Tony F Dordogne

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OK, I know that a lot of people ignore this law but there's some sort of push on about it relating to the long periods of hot and dry weather.  The following has just been circulated to all the Communes in 24 and also in our communal letter.   It''s not a local thing, it's a national law and can be imposed if the Commune wishes to, so no dodging on the grounds of 'it doesn't apply to this Departemente or Commune'.

Been down to the Mairie this afternoon and obtained all three pages of the actual regulation, Maire says it's a guaranteed cure for insomnia!

Translated for those who may struggle and it's only a snippet but this is the important bit.

"As an owner of land which is built on, you are affected by the need to cut brush. It is necessary to maintain a minimum radius of 50m around the building (house) and 10m clear of all other channels of access to the house. The obligation of clearing and upkeep are required in areas less than 200m from wood, heathland, heathland, planting or reforestation."


I'll scan the actual leaflet and will keep it in case anybody wants something a bit more graphic.


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