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Can anyone suggest any good tried and tested recipes for all the green tomatoes I've got on my hands this year. They just don't seem to be ripening and I'd rather use them than let them rot on the vine.

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Hi Trisha

Where are you, we have the opposite, our toms are all ripening far earlier than normal and they will probably be over in the first week of September - but - it has also been a bumper year.

The best ways to ripen them are, stop watering, this helps them to ripen. You can take a whole truss off and hang it in the cave or anywhere else you can. They will ripen on the vine. What we used to do in the UK was put them in a drawer on paper and check them every day. Just spacing them in a box and keeping an eye on them should help them to ripen. Putting a ripe tomato in with the green ones or a ripe banana also helps as the red toms and banana give off gases that speed ripening.

Sorry I can't give you any recipes as like TU I hate green toms.

Di - in 46 (Lot)
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I have a Jewish recipe for pickled green tomatoes. Lots of cider vinegar, mustard seeds chillies honey that sort of thing. I reckon its wonderful but be careful on the chillies.

If anyone wants it I will gladly list it.

I go to our house in September and am hopeful that the greenhouse will be full of green tomatoes. If so they go in the pot.

kind regards

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