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Jam jars etc for preserving


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In the past fortnight I've made 45 assorted jars of jams, chutneys, pickles etc and have run out of jars too 

The cheapest lidded jam jars, new, that I've seen were €4.95 for 6 at Auchan which is about the same price as filled ones as you said!! I went to a vide grenier on sunday morning especially to hunt out some jars and found a stall with six that I bought for 1€ - bargain. I also bought 7 'traditional' unlidded confiture jars for €3.00 - not so much of a bargain as I then saw a pack of six in Auchan for €2.96!! There were also loads of preserving jars with the hinged lids and rubber seals (can't remember their proper name).

I've not seen any cheaper so all I can suggest is to try any vide-greniers that may be on locally.

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[quote]Try your local Emmaus or any similar second hand shop. They usually have plenty.[/quote]

I tried at a large (independant) brocante warehouse first but they were charging between 75cents and 1.50€ for an unlidded confiture jar as opposed to Auchans 49cents for new, so they are not necessarily cheaper but they did have a lot in stock.
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