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I've no idea why but I've always believed that truffles came from the Perigord region alone, then recently I found this website http://www.bourgogne-recettes.com/region/truffe.html and was surprised to see them in Burgundy. Do they grow all over France and if so do they taste differently from the Perigord truffles. Does the price differ - the Perigord truffles appear terrifically expensive so are they a rip off? I'd like to say that I've only tried them once and really loved the taste but I'm certainly no connoisseur so wouldn't know a good one from a bad one.
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I'd imagine they can be found in many areas of southern France, we've certainly come across local ones on the Tarn/Aveyron border and in the Vaucluse as well as en Perigord. The black ones don't do much for me but the white variety are quite exciting. Whenever we're in Tuscany we treat ourselves to one or two for they have an interesting flavour when grated and stirred into home made pasta just before serving. Actually, that is a really delicious dish. M
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