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The topic on Jerusalem Artichokes has reminded me of a vegetable I see every autumn in the shops that I have absolutely no idea what it is. I can't remember the French name either - not very helpful, I know!

It looks similar to a miniature peanut in its shell, but smaller and more knobbly bits. It's about 3cm long and about 1/2 - 1cm wide. It's brown.

I used to live in Ain in Rhone Alps. Maybe it was something native to that region. Haven't seen any yet in the shops where I am now in Brittany.

Anyway, I've never seen mention of them in the French gardening magazines (where incidentally, I see Curly Kale, Parsnips, Purple Sprouting Broccoli - all stuff I grow because you don't see them for sale in the shops!). But never mystery veggie.

Do you have any ideas? If you know the French name I would recognise it, just can't remember it.

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Thankyou, you have driven me mad with this today. No I haven't tried them, I look at them, I look at them often but I have never bought them.

Heck I only bought a madonna's bra green pointy patterned cabbage/cauli thing last month, and the name of that escapes me for the moment, after eyeing the darned things up for so long I can't remember. I've bought several of them since.

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I shouldn't bother buying crosnes, by the time they have gone brown they are not worth eating imo although they are really lovely when they are fresh. Having said that on my heavy clay soil I rarely found time to clean enough to eat so don't bother with them any more even though they are easy to grow. The English name is Chinese artichokes; the full French one is crosnes du Japon.
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