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After working & eating with the French for some time, I have only found 3 instances of where I am allowed butter with my bread They are as follows:

1.  Butter with RADISH 

2.  Butter with COOKED MEAT

3.  Butter with SARDINES

Every time I query these bizarre recipes all I get is c'est normale David

Best thing is though............... if there is any spare butter left they fight over who gets to spread it on their bread!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I'm curious If any one else knows of any other French sanctioned use of Butter


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I've never seen butter on a table in a French household except for bread and butter for breakfast, but otherwise I've only seen it used for frying. Perhaps that's why the French are slimmer (if they really are - can't say I noticed myself). Doesn't make any difference to me either - i.e. the fact I don't have butter on bread - although I do like it when it melts on muffins, crumpets, toast, potatoes, haricots verts!
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