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Vacherin Mont D'Or


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I love vacherin Mont D'Or cheese and always buy it when I'm in France at this time of year.

I've always assumed that it's ready to eat when I buy it and I haven't been disappointed yet.........

Now; I've just bought a nice one (Haut Daubs) from a French market in Portsmouth but it looks a bit 'pale' - the one's I normally select are orange/pink and the tops are well 'sunk' - this one is beginning to sink but isn't coloured yet.

How do I know when this cheese will be at it's best ?

It has a consume by date of 14th December so is it too young at present ? Anyone out there a vacherin expert ?

Hungrilly waiting in anticipation,


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You will know by the smell.  When you can't enter the house for the er, perfume, that is the time to eat it. 

A few days in a warm kitchen helps!  The ones I buy for OH aren't orangey/pink.  Yellowish.  Does it feel soft?  Try it. 

Me.  The cheese expert.   Bleugh!!

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